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Tech News Today 148: Tech Predictions For 2011

by TWiT

Published December 30, 2010

Tom, Becky, Sarah, Dr. Kiki and Jason all offer their own tech predictions for 2011. But really, who's keeping score? Oh right, we are... this time next year.

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Producer TWiT
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Tom Merritt
Sarah Lane
Becky Worley
Kirsten Sanford
Jason Howell



Net Neutrality
People will hate Comcast more.
Congress will be forced to act on net neutrality.
Net neutrality will be more complex as more people use mobile device.
The general public will be forced to have an understanding of what net neutrality means.

No iPhone on Verizon .
There will be a Verizon iPhone.
In the end of 2011, no tablet will come close to beating the iPad.
There will be a new iPad with a camera.
We will not see a white iPhone.
Apple is going to announce or release new revolutionary 3-D technology across it's platforms.
Apple will have the Apple TV built into a partner television.

Google will move into the market into producing television content.
By then end of 2011 Chrome OS will "eat" the rest of the netbook market.
Google Chrome OS netbook's will be thiner then they are now.

Company to be Acquired in 2011

Internet TV
Competition for internet streaming will narrow, and one will have a lead.
Internet TV will out shine 3-D TV.
Blockbuster will completely go away.
Cutting cable will not change

App Store's galore.

Copyright battles.
iTunes music subscription cloud service.
More pay walls going up on news paper websites.
Ad dollars to rise.
Book publishers will start suing fans.
All major live sports will be available on an internet streaming box.

Facebook phone.
Windows tablets will be more popular then Windows Phone 7.
Laptops sales will slow.
55% of all mobile phone will be smart phones.
A big break though in battery technology.

Final Predictions
Apple will make a 42 LCD TV with Apple TV built into it.
Apple will buy sonos.
Google will buy Twitter.
Disney will buy Yahoo, or ABC News and Yahoo News will merge news sources.
The Wii will have a major upgrade.
Netflix will get 50 million subscribers.
3-D TV with out glasses.

Companies will have to have thought about a way to be able to transfer personal data out of a specific service.

We will not see the end of WikiLeaks.
Skype will be sold again.
Skype HD on the TWiT Skypeasaurus.
Near field communications will become the new buzz word for mobile devices.
Browsers will take on more OS platforms.


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